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Good News Story - Micah Projects

Micah Projects is a world renowned provider of services to socially isolated and homeless people working out of West End in inner city Brisbane, Australia. They have embarked on a sustainability journey.

Their first hybrid car has been leased and Raylene is enjoying the 750 k fuel tank in the Camry as well as the peace of mind about emissions reduction

Recycle bins, double sided draft printing, fewer lights, turning off switches and more are part of the Micah sustainability deal.

See the video below to see staff member Chris promoting recycling in his own entertaining and irresistible way. How could you possibly say no?


All staff are signed up to Green Street and here Jess shows what she’s doing to lower her footprint while using her Jess Power getting to and from work. 

Co-originator of Green Street, Howard Nielsen, looks  on.


A planning group -  the Sus Group  - has been set up  to support sustainable activity via a Sustainability Roadmap, Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) and most likely reporting  using The Natural Step and the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines.

Jenny, Sherryn and Raylene (front) and Howard, Mal and a not-too-accurite version of the missing Kylie are the Sus Group. They dont look too 'Sus' to us!


The Micah Leadership Team enjoy their Sustainable Leadership Program which is about personal resilience, proactivity and facilitating a more sustainable Micah. Here they are with the Micah Board during a strategic planning activity.


All Micah staff took part in a professional development activity on 'So what is sustainability?'

Here Dan (left) turns on the insight as Kate, Liz, Tom and Matt tune in to discussion about the most sustainable things Micah does at the moment.  Then ... what more?


Micah was part of West End's Sustainable Business cluster and showed what could be done by a 26 % reduction in energy costs and emissions.  A new Green Street Precinct is likely to be kicked off in West End to promote green activity.

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Australian Conservation Foundation’s GreenHome program - www2.acfonline.org.au/home
There’s fact sheets for greener living – covering energy, water, waste, transport, gardening, how to be greener in your family’s food choices, greener cleaning, greener shopping and product labeling, greener finance, and how to speak out on environmental issues. In particular see the “Guides” link  www2.acfonline.org.au/guides     


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