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Good News Story - Samford Green Streets

The Samford Green Street program was one of the first to be active on the website and the momentum is really growing in the Samford Valley. Some of their activities include:

Sustainability awards
Kirsten, Howard and Lesley from Samford Green Street and Pine Rivers Climate Action Network with then Environment Minister Kate Jones and their Finalist certificate ... backing up after winning the Premiers Community Sustainability Award last year.


Samford Solar Neighbourhood
Bulk buying solar panels with over 200 households now having renewable energy sources on their rooftops - fourth highest take up of solar installations in Australia. Here's part of the crowd at a solar public meeting.


Samford Green Street Cafe
Over 100 members of the community overcrowded the local cafe to sort out a number of priorities affecting the sustainability of Samford. Bike tracks, food growing and public transport got a lot of attention.


Samford Community Group Cafe
Over 35 local community groups joined together in cafe style to improve their sustainability in the broadest sense, more engaged membership, improved eco-efficiency and more environmentally sustainable organizations.


Samford Sustainable Business Cluster
20 businesses working on their eco-efficiency and now forming a Green Business Precinct with the Chamber of Commerce and Green Streets. Oliver, Kate, Howard, Chris, Chrissie and Ania at an early meeting.


Samford Local Growers
More than 55 householders meet regularly in each other's gardens to share ideas and fruit and vegetables. Some are also meeting monthly in a Green Kitchens Group


Flood Help Effort by Samford Green Street
Samford Greenstreeters and friends spent hundreds of hours over two months helping with flood cleanup, food supply and furniture supply to people affected by the devastating Queensland floods. Daily schedules for action were drawn up and people responded in big numbers.

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