Sustainable Living Series - Christmas Edition

We are kicking of our Sustainable Living Series with a seasonal nod to Christmas and the holidays. 

It's an easy time of year to get carried away and perhaps let your sustainable living actions slide. 

Whether you are gifting to one or many there are plenty of ways to make sure your giving comes from the heart and doesn't cost the Earth. 

Make/Grow/Sew your own. 

Take the time to use resources you already have to create a gift, some ideas include; 

  • Baking cookies or cakes
  • Gifting a pot plant that will continue to give as it grows, consider herbs or natives for benefits and ease of care. 
  • Making a piece of art work, maybe paint a picture or create a photo collage
  • Sew decorations in seasonal themes to gift 
  • Gift your favourite recipe with a set of the ingredients

Give the gift of time. 

Instead of gifting your friend or family member an item you don't know they need or want, why not gift them some time or an experience, such as; 

  • A voucher to their favourite or new restaurant 
  • Movie tickets 
  • A surprise trip to a local destination for a day out 
  • Create some homemade vouchers for time together include activities like a picnic, trip to the beach, game or card night, romantic dinner, family water fight. 

Mindful buying. 

When buying a gift search your local area and support local small businesses, attend local markets and pop up shops. Can't find what you want through a smaller retailer? Aim to buy from retailers that promote a sustainable ethos and potentially help others such as; 

  • Good On You ( which is a prototype social business established by Ethical Consumers Australia, a non-profit organisation, looking to create a one-stop shop for consumers who want to shop ethically. 

  • Biome ( believe "living more sustainably starts with just a few earth-conscious choices each day" and offer a wide range of sustainable and local made products. 

Gift to a charity. 

Use your money to gift make a difference in someone else's life by choosing a charity close to your love ones heart. For instance if you have an animal lover in your life consider gifting to a local animal shelter or if you have someone dedicated to teaching look for educational related activities and programs. 

Sustainable gifting doesn't end after the gift selection though, with presenting the next place you can make eco friendly choices by; 

  • choosing 100% post consumer recycled paper. Look for pro-environmental additions such as if has been printed carbon neutral, if the inks used are plant based and whether the product has been made in locally.
  • re-using everyday items as wrapping paper including children's artwork, newspaper and magazines, old maps and calendars.
  • re-using jars, boxes or shopping bags (cloth and brown paper)
  • Using fabric to wrap gifts, something that can be personalised and re-used providing a new gifting tradition. 

As you go about spreading Christmas cheer this year take the time to be mindful with your gifting. Here at Green Street we think the perfect recipe for a creating sustainable holiday is a touch of preparation, a dash of mindfulness with a pinch of fun and a big glug of time spent with love ones. Enjoy!

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