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Latest Green Street News

Wellbeing Trails and Big Picnic

Samford has for a long time been a ‘wellbeing destination’ for people to visit and live so the idea of a Wellbeing Trail fits beautifully within the Samford 100 years events. The Trail was held on Saturday October 20 and reflected the creativity and sense of wellbeing felt by Samford people and shared with all who visit.


Is climate change funny?

Rod Quantock is a well known Aussie comedian and apparently he thinks humour should be injected into the climate change arena.  So much so that he's organised something humorous for the Climate Change Summit in Brisbane on 19-21 September.  There's other bits at the summit that may be laughable if the whole thing wasn't so life changing so please feel free to register for the event!  Here's the flyer.


United Nations Global Compact Cities Programme endorses Green Street

The United Nations Global Compact Cities Programme endorses Green Street as a high quality means of developing sustainable communities and achieving the aims of the UN Global Compact.


Samford Bags project on Nine News

Channel Nine News on 2 July caught the spirit of the Samford Bags project amidst some controversy over the possibility of plastic bags being banned by government in Queensland. To view the full report ‘QLD Shoppers Cutting Back on Bags’ click here


Bag habits changing in Samford

Samford Valley, just outside Brisbane in Australia, has decided to ‘change its bag habits’ by providing free compostable shopping bags for a while.  At the launch are people from the Drakes IGA Supermarket, Council , Chamber of Commerce, Climate Action Network  and Samford Green Street . See our latest newsletter.

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